Google Sheets Integration

Fetch data from Google Sheets spreadsheet automatically and import it into WP to be used. Feel free to add/remove data from the sheet  and refresh the page to see the updates  in the table below.
View Google Sheet Here
ID Name Gender Level City Major Interest
17 Alexandra Satou Female Senior CA English Drama Club
46 Andrew Ramos Male Freshman SD Math Lacrosse
9 Anna Cox Female Freshman NC English Basketball
27 Becky Greer Female Sophomore SD Art Baseball
61 Benjamin Wagner Male Senior WI English Basketball
78 Carl Williamson Male Junior MD Art Debate
14 Carrie Nash Female Junior NE English Track & Field
7 Dorothy Vance Female Senior MD Math Lacrosse
57 Dylan Stevens Male Freshman MA Math Baseball
73 Edward Kelly Male Junior FL English Drama Club
66 Ellen Marshall Female Freshman WI Physics Drama Club
16 Fiona Hurst Female Freshman MA Art Debate
18 John Rios Male Junior CA Physics Basketball
26 Jonathan Snider Male Sophomore SC Math Debate
62 Joseph Wilder Male Freshman AK English Drama Club
48 Josephine Camacho Female Freshman NY Math Debate
52 Karen Green Female Sophomore NH English Basketball
37 Kevin Winters Male Sophomore NE Physics Drama Club
70 Lisa Cortez Female Junior SC Art Lacrosse
13 Mary Joyce Female Sophomore AK Physics Track & Field
85 Maureen Little Female Freshman CA Physics Basketball
35 Nick Kennedy Male Senior NY Art Baseball
38 Olivia Nash Female Senior NC Physics Track & Field
21 Pamela Vance Female Junior RI Math Baseball
69 Patrick Stevens Male Freshman NY Art Lacrosse
3 Robert Kelly Male Freshman CA English Track & Field
31 Sean Marshall Male Freshman NH Physics Track & Field
7 Stacy Hurst Female Freshman NY Math Baseball
101 Thomas Rios Male Sophomore RI Art Lacrosse
73 Will Snider Male Senior FL Math Debate